Roads in Paradise

Download (last Update: 4/Jan/2021)
Free to download and use

Size: 3500
All Monuments (also Stables and custom ones)
Military Tunnels at Daylight
Junkyard with Ruins
Military Tunnels by Night

Small Australia

Download (last Update: 13/Jan/2021)
Free to download and use

Size: 1500
Monuments: Bandit, Harbour(with roaming Bradley and Red-card), Gas, Super, Warehouse, Dome, Sewer, Hidden Research Facility (custom), Lighthouse, Fishing-Villages and Stable, both Oilrigs

Our Server: „The Abandoned PVE“ (Modded)



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A simple Game to survive after being stranded on an island. For mobile Devices and Desktop PCs.

(Ongoing Project)